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Prison Break Blot Bunny Dump

share, find, swap those bunnies and let them multiply

~~~ Welcome to the Prison Break Plotbunny Dump ~~~
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This community is for sharing and discussing plotbunnies for fanfiction for the show Prison Break.
What is this?

This is a community for sharing and discussing plotbunnies for the show Prison Break. For posting story ideas, getting some support during writers' block or kickstarting a new story.

What and who is thos community for?

  • If you have a plot bunny, an idea for a fic that you would like to see written, or just a wish for something, you can post it here. There are no guarantees, nobody is required to pick it up, but there's always hope. You are free to offer rewards (icons, a fic in return, beta)

  • If you are an author in search of a story idea or suffering from writers' block or you are stuck in the middle of a story and not sure where to go, make a main post, write what your situation is and what kind of bunny you are looking for and people can come in and give you story suggestions that fit your writing taste.

  • If you have written a story based on a bunny or prompt from this community, you may advertise your story here (please, no posting of several chapters of a multi chapter fic unless each chapter you link was inspired by a different bunny; generally, just link the first part)