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Recycled fic survivor bunnies

Here is a selection of mostly Gen bunnies I submitted for pbficsurvivor. Since most of these won't be used, I'll just reproduce them here.The goal of the challenge was for the it be a story with at least two chapters, so many were thought out with the idea of a potentially longer story in mind.

Pick one or more of the new characters (Sofia, Whistler, Lechero, Susan, McGrady, Sammy). What do they really think about our heroes and the current situation?

Sara and Kellerman meet in the afterlife.

In the words of Paul Scheuring: Michael and Lincoln find themselves in a situation they have never been in. They have always been anti-heroes. At the end of it all they could suddenly find themselves as heroes.

1.)Michael/Lincoln/Veronica Childhood fic. Suggested scenarios:
- Michael, Lincoln and Veronica go to the opera. (I could picture Michael being the one who starts crying because the music is so beautiful (like if they watch something sad where the woman dies at the end like La Traviata or La Boheme), Veronica is all excited about the clothes, Lincoln pretends to be bored)
- Veronica's prom. Lincoln and Veronica are on the outs, Michael plays matchmaker.
- Junior Sleuths (my thought was something along the lines of them suspecting that somebody they know is being abused and they don't know how to prove it)

I know all of these around pretty light, but I feel they could easily be used for angst too.

Clichees, but for a reason:

2.) Amnesia! Michael is given the chance to forget everything that happened, including his own guilt. Does he say yes or no? And/Or, Lincoln finds an amnesiac Michael. Does he tell him the truth about his life at the danger of causing him pain? Do they befriend each other, not having a past together that Michael knows of?

2b.) Alternative: T-Bag is the one who bumps his head and forgets who he is. Michael and Lincoln pose as his friends and best buddies (T-Bag for example is the one who knows where the money was hidden). Hijinks may ensue.

3.) Michael gets injured during the Sona breakout. Lincoln has to nurse him back to health (because I'm a sap). Plus you get the element of having an emotional component as well.

3b.) In the tradition of the great X-Files illness stories, same as 3, but with a serious in depth depiction of a major illness (not being able to walk, blindness, brain damage, whatever) with the angst, the depression, the your life never being the same again, feeling like a burden, general freaking out....

4.) LJ dies. Fallout. Go.

5.) Veronica's ghost (or manifestation of his guilty conscience) starts to haunt Lincoln and comments on every one of his actions. May be snarky. May be deep. Whatever works for you :)

6.) Years after the fact a reporter seeks out Michael and Lincoln at their hiding place and tries to interview them about the events.7.) Lincoln/Sofia sorta: Chapter 1; Michael breaks Whistler out successfully. LJ is saved as well in another way. Despite her doubts, Sofia says her goodbyes and leaves with Whistler. Chapter 2; several weeks later they run across each other again for some conspiracy related reason.

8.) Prison Break/Desperate Housewives crossover. Michael, Lincoln and LJ move to Wisteria Lane ;p

9.) Michael and Lincoln build something together. A tree house, a boat, fix a car, Michael makes a modern art sculpture while Lincoln helps or watches, whatever you like. Kid story and/or post escape story.

10.) Something happened to make Mahone lose it for good and he is reduced to a crazed, babbling idiot. However, he knows something that is necessary and Michael has to talk it out of him.

11.) Michael, Lincoln. South American jungle. Any of these elements: Old native ruins, a native fairy tale of some sort, peyote, some sort of native ritual, a spirit guide.

12.) Haunted House. Michael and co stay at a haunted house, have to face the spirits of their guilt.

13.) Brotherly Road Trip. Michael got a job offer or an offer for an education kind of thing or has to be somewhere to give a speech at some congress on architecture. It's far away and Lincoln offers to drive him.

Feel free to be as shippy or gen-y as you like


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