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I don't know if this will revive this community, but I hope so...

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Recycled fic survivor bunnies

Here is a selection of mostly Gen bunnies I submitted for pbficsurvivor. Since most of these won't be used, I'll just reproduce them here.The goal of the challenge was for the it be a story with at least two chapters, so many were thought out with the idea of a potentially longer story in mind.

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Childhood Bunny: During their foster kid years, some sort of authority figure (poster parent, child services employee, teacher, neighbor) takes Lincoln aside and tells him to let Michael go and *sanely* tells Lincoln why Lincoln is such a bad influence and how Michael would be better off if he was allowed to bond with other people.

Post SONA escape: After the events of Sona our intrepid heroes come across a familiar face: C-Note and his family (maybe they hide out with him for a short while or just ask him for something; doesn't have to be more than a few hours). They get to see what life is like for the one who actually managed to get away.

PB Bunnydump Welcome Post!

Welcome to the PB Bunnydump!

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If you want to post anonymously, for example, because the prompt is too unusual for you or because you are maybe an author involved in a secret fic exchange or something like that, leave an anonymous comment here and I'll post it as a main post.